Simplicity is the key.
Rule number 1, do layer necklaces of the same metals to achieve a cohesive look.

As shown on look number 1, we paired a bold pearls style with a minimalist solitaire necklace. What brings the look together is metal and color choise.

Look 1

Here is one of our favorite look. You can go day to night just by adding New black knots pearl necklace to our solitaire topaz necklace. The Geometrie solitaire has an extansion for the perfect fit.

Look number 2, is pooled together by the color.

The oxidized black chain is in perfect harmony with the black knots of the pearls, while the green gems are adding a fresh and modern vibe.

Look 2

We paired the fresh look of pearls with Emerald green Frida beads necklace and Navette necklace in peridot color. Another option is with the Mandarino orange knots pearls necklace for an extra pop of color.

Everything gold.

One of the most classic way of layering is by adding just few pieces of the same metal and color family.

Look 3

Another classic loook! Frida champagne necklace is layered with Baquette necklace in champagne color. Similar look can be obtained by adding any of our pendants necklaces, as shown below.

Look 4

Frida and Circle necklace.

Look 5

Love and be loved. This look has become one of our classic, available in few combination of colors crystals to better fit your style.

As shown: Frida beads in ruby crystals and Red heart necklace.